Know Yourself.. Love Yourself.. Free Yourself

Know yourself, Love yourself, Free yourself.

We cannot find our way to freedom without genuinely knowing ourselves by becoming aware of our unconscious self. We are both the program and the programmer.

YOUniversity is a reset button on your life, where you learn how to let go of the old subconscious patterns and intentionally create and commit to the new. It is a school designed for those who are ready to take responsibility for what they are attracting and creating as their life experience.

We created this curriculum based on years of experience in both group and private sessions as well as thousands of hours of education from diverse curriculums, workshops and trainings.

Every semester will last for six weeks and will give you tools and resources to become familiar your energy field, your patterns of limitation, help you develop your perceptions and raise your vibration by being more present in your day to day life.

Some highlights from the first semester
Fundamentals to Freedom

Energy Anatomy - Chakras and Energy bodies
Question your reality
Stress Chemistry
Raise your vibration
Creating from judgment
Breath awareness
Relationship Dynamics