Mother Earth: It is our greatest pure energy source.  Everything does not to your field, release it to the Earth. Eat food that grow in the earth with sunlight.



Nurture yourself: Nurture yourself with easily digestible food that adds energy to your system. Whatever you enjoy will expand your energy field.


Be at the now: Life is in the now.  The present is the only reality. The past and the future come and go; however, you always need to bring yourself  to the present. There is no pain, drama or ego in the now, the only truth is the present. Train yourself, meditate and come back to the now.  


Be inspired: Inspire others with all that you have received from your environment and nature. Let this cycle continue forever.


Discover: Never loose your curiosity. Look at the world and all that exists around you with pure eyes. There is no end to discovering yourself and the world.


Movement: Nothing stands still in the universe. Activate your brain and mind. Take a step forward, run, let the energy move in your body. You can connect to your inner power by moving your body.


Knowledge: Trust your insight and the wisdom in yourself. The power you need is already in you.


Be rooted: Remember where you came from. Unconditional love, sense of belonging and acceptance, all come from our roots, our families. Be yourself and return to the environment where you feel most comfortable and accept yourself.


Love: Let everyone around you BE. Accept everyone  as they are without trying to change or fix them. First learn to love yourself because you cannot love another without really loving yourself. Intimacy and  touching will nourish your soul.


Create: You are the strongest creator in the world. As you give space to new oppurtunities, relations and people,  you can create anything that lies in your heart.


Coherence: Your mind and your heart need to work together, let them be as one, be in harmony. The farest distance in life is the path between the mind and the heart. Surrender to the Divine and ride the wave as it comes.