Niagara Wellness is a Complementary Medicine  and personal development center. It has been founded in September 2011 to assist you in your personal journey of well-being and holistic balance.


Complementary Medicine or Energy Medicine is different from Conventional Medicine. It is an innovative holistic approach that focuses on the human rather that the illness. The human body is a wise organism that constantly renews itself to reach its optimum balance. All we need to do is to become aware of the factors that effects our balance and work on them. We do not consist of a cluster of cells that form our organs and systems; in fact, we are made of layers of energy fields which manifests as our cells and our physical body. These layers contain all our physical and emotional patterns and personal data. By using therapeutic methods, we read through these data and search for balance and alignment in the physical, emotional, mental and psychological bodies.


Our personal journey is a particular and versatile process since we’re all unique. Our relationships, environment, work, eating and sleeping habits, activities, physical and emotional strengths, stress management are all very important to find our  sustainable balanced state. Furthermore, our belief systems, subconscious, unhealed traumas and genetic inheritance determine all these habits and patterns.


We respect the wisdom and the transformation of the body. All we need to do is to remove the barriers.


We build a safe environment to support you so that you can regenerate, become more aware  and clear about yourself.  We encourage you to take responsibility of  your own life, your own balance and your health.


Our target is to guide you to find your own rhythm which you are disconnected from during the events in your daily life.